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Where JaceBox are made?

JaceBox are made responsibly in China with Stainless Steel 304 a more popular name is stainless steel 18/8. Which is the Best Stainless Steel for food and beverages.


Why Stainless Steel?

We love the durability of Stainless Steel and how good it looks even after a lot of wear and tear. It does not tear just so you know....

But the Best is that it cleans so well. that is why it is used in the medical field, it does not harbor bacteria. and that is a great thing when you going to eat the food you store in it.  Also Stainless Steel is a Highly desirable metal so that means you wont find it on waste fields. Its always recycle into something else. 

Its unbreakable and does not retain taste and odor.


Do you have replacement lids available?

yes we do just contact Us and we will help you out. 


Can JaceBox go in the dishwasher.

YES Top Tray Please. The stainless steel cleans very well in the dishwasher, although you can wash the lids on top tray also, If you can hand wash the lids,we advise it will last longer. As everybody knows the high heat of dishwashers cycles and drying cycles, may damaged some materials. 


How many Sizes do you have available?

We currently have 8 different sizes available of containers and 1 size of cups. It is sold by the set and we offer different sets.


Whats the Best Set for a Wildkin Lunchbox?

For the Wildkin lunch box and for most of the lunchboxes on the market you can get the rectangular set with 3 or the square set. Keep in mind that not all the containers will fit in a small school lunch box, usually the 2 smaller ones or the larger one you can fit easily with maybe a small water bottle or a juice pack.


Is JaceBox Compatible with Hot Logic mini Personal Oven? 

Yes JaceBox Rectangular Small medium large and extra large fit in the hot logic. Its a great option because stainless steel heats it up pretty quick and even! So your food will taste even fresher...


What if i am not happy with JaceBox?

Please contact us! we like our customers to be satisfied! 


Just received JaceBox and some Lids are damaged in Shipping?

No Problem - Please Contact Us With your order number and address and the size of the lids you need. We will replace the lids ASAP!

  how can i rewarm the food if this cant go in microwave, also i put this containers on a stove, or in oven?

hi thanks for your question to warm up your food you can take lid out and put in the oven low medium heat, but my favorite way to warm up is on the stove top double boiling its fast, just watch out because the container will be hot. 
Jacebox are made in china. 
We are happy to announce we have the bigger Jacebox available for purchase thru amazon, you can search JACEBOX XLARGE, we are having a promotion if you add both of our 2 Jacebox products on the same cart you will get a special discount, this promotion will end soon so enjoy while you can. thanks so much for your inter… see more
You know that’s a great idea and I ll put this on my launch list! Thanks so much! Do you reheat food in a electric pressure cooker? 
Jacebox can go in the oven for reheating food like temp around 200 to 300 F, without the lid of course! Just be careful Jacebox gets really hot in there! 
Thanks for your question, we are about to start selling replacement lids on amazon, but for now if you have an issue with our lids send me a message and i ll send replacement lids to you. We also just launched a xlarge JaceBox and its available on Amazon already, check it out, search xlarge JaceBox. 


My 4 year old is able to close and open these easily. Handy for her school lunches. 
yes just remove the lid for sure. and remember the containers get hot, so you ll need some silicone gloves to take it out of the oven 
i use on my toaster oven too because its faster.

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