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In this Era where everything we want for our kids is Real food. I mean we want eggs that were from free range chickens, milk, butter and beef from pastured cows, Organic fruits and Vegetables. Gluten Free, Non Gmo. We want Real Food, Food that nurture, food that heals. If price is not an issue, its pretty easy to get all this premium, good for you food. But if it is, we got to be savvy with our investment, we got to preserve and make the food last as much as we can. 

JaceBox can assist with that since its airtight, leak proof Lid, lock in nutrients and helps to preserve food for longer periods of time. Its stainless steel Material is also perfect because it doesnt harbor bacteria and its doesnt absorb odor or tastes. Making sure you food taste fresh.

Stainless Steel is one of the best material to store food and beverages, right along with glass but being unbreakable and light it is a very good advantage when we use it for kids and babies alike.

The AAP (Academic of Pediatrics) released a statement urging parents to STOP using plastic to store food and beverages for Kids and Babies.

The Reason? Toxins and chemicals released specially when you put liquids, acids, fats or when the plastic container gets warm thru microwave and dishwasher. Since Kids have a lower tolerance for this Toxins, I urge you to recycle now all your plastic utensils, plates, bows, containers, bottles that you use for your kid. And switch for Stainless Steel or Glass. That is a better option and you dont need to worry no more. 

I wasn't surprised at all about this report, since i was always weary about plastic containers, sometimes we even taste the plastic on our food, or we taste last week leftovers in this week fresh food, also when plastic containers get greasy its the worst, it will never get clean again, the greasy film stays....and lingers!

Although i was raised in a tupperware Era, Yes my mom sold tupperware for some free Swag for us.  And we used constantly at that time and we are Ok. Right?

Right but once you know something is not good for you, its not safe for your family and that you have a better option, you change or you live with the risks, What kind of risk taker are you? 

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