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Why I dumped all my plastic containers....

By adriana lagatta March 21, 2020 0 comments

OK I didn't really dump it and recycled around the house when possible and recycle on the recycle bin.

But i am Happy to announce that we have no plastic containers, plates, cups, utensils in my kitchen no more. 

So my love and hate relationship with plastic is old, see i am a Tupperware generation girl, my mom used to sell and we were so happy when she got her share of the parties... all those cute colored long cups, if you are from the 70's or 80's you know what i am talking about.

Anyways plastic is a great material because is cheap and relatively durable. Also put some design to it and you end up with beautiful plastic ware.

And those Ziploc baggies don't get me started so convenient and practical to use. you can buy snacks in bulk and do those baggies to take everywhere....

I Really never abused too much of convenience, but i confess that i was a user like 8 years ago. At that time with restrain because i was very worried for the environment. So i would avoid and look for reusable plastic containers instead of the baggies.....

I always loved water, oceans, rivers, waterfalls,  i love swimming and the feeling of freedom is exhilarating when i am in the water, i feel connected to nature, water pulls me up and calms me down! 

And unfortunately is in water that i could find a lot of plastic floating around polluting, making my water less clean and safe, less fun. And even after that it wasn't a wake call to me because i would avoid the use of plastic, but sometimes for the convenience i would give in and buy a box of baggies again. 

So Time passes by and now me and my husband are trying to conceive, and if you ever experience that, its a bit frustrating and stressful when it doesn't happen for a while and we start learning  researching how to maximize our chances, you know vitamins, nutrition exercise, and between all of that is the BPA in plastics that is a hormone disruption that may cause infertility. I was like REALLY? 

How come we use plastic to store our food? We use plastic on the microwave to heat food, FYI When they say a container is microwave safe it means it wont melt in the microwave it doesnt mean its safe for us humans to eat food that was heated in it.  

Did you know you cannot put any fats, oils or grease in plastic containers because it causes chemicals to release into the food, same thing with acidic sauces and juices, now tell me how many red stained plastic containers you have, had.? From Tomato Sauce witch is acidic by the way. 

Also DiD you notice a grease layer that is very difficult to wash out from plastic containers, what about that lingering smell and when you eat a fruit you can taste the old food flavor on it! Bacteria grow an thrive on plastic containers....

So that was it my big reason i wanted to be free of toxins to give the best chance for my baby, the best chance for me and my husband to conceive and We did it! YAY!!!

Jace was Born Healthy and full of energy an appetite for life. 

And Then you know Jace grew and all my glass containers and glasses wasn't cutting anymore! It was heavy to carry around and i didn't want the risk of dropping and breaking it and my son getting hurt,  that is when we started using stainless steel containers and i wanted a stainless steel container that was leak-proof like my Snapware glass containers with snap on lock on lids that wont spill or leak. The plastic lids were acceptable to me  because the benefit to be leak proof, and also my food does not touch the plastic lid.  So That how JaceBox was born! 

Check out this Article From American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)  about the Risks of using Plastic Containers to store Food for Babies and Kids!


So yes we do love our JaceBoxes! First because when you use one you save a baggie, a plastic container and even some money. taking lunches and snacks from home is proved to improve health and its cheaper than buying. Usually you eat healthier when you take home lunch. 

Second because what is not to love? It is easy to clean, lightweight and unbreakable you get to use our JaceBoxes for years to come. 

So chose today to save a baggie ,save a utensil ,  save a straw !

Mother Earth needs our Help! 


Thanks for reading!






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